Niagara County Community College Environmental Task Force

Peggy Elliot, Chairperson

Niagara County Community College

3111 Saunders Settlement Rd.

Sanborn, NY  14132  

(716) 731-6222 ext. 450


The chief purpose of the NCCC Environmental Task Force is to educate the college community about environmental issues and to implement action which confirms NCCC's commitment to the respect of our environment now and in the future.  We are seeking new members, particularly students, alumni.

A  small portion of the NCCC campus is mowed only every two or three years, thereby encouraging ground-nesting birds to nest.  In the fall of 1998, a couple dozen fruit-bearing shrubs will be planted near our wooded area.

The NCCC College Foundation will provide grant money for the construction of a 20' x 50' hummingbird/butterfly garden, which students in the horticulture program have designed in the shape of a butterfly.  It will be planted with perennials, which are necessary for butterfly habitat, and will be located east of the buildings, near a wooded area, visible from the children's playground.

The Environmental Task Force has the "go ahead" for a composting operation.  NCCC will be the first college in Western New York to compost its food and yard waste.  Initially, Food Service will be composting pre-consumer materials.  The compost can eventually be used on the grounds.

Recently, the Environmental Task Force completed an Environmental Audit of NCCC.  The document details what is being done at NCCC and what can be done in the future to have a positive effect on the environment.   Copies will be available in the Faculty Resource Center and to the public in the college library.

For more information about N.C.C.C.'s plant and animal habitat click here Niagara County Community College.